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  1. Active Users has been restarted on form

    From now any time you visit ForumTools.Ru - you will see some users active. And it will be different users.
  2. Forum software has been updated to the latest version

    Now this vBulletin installation is running the latest version of 4th generation family - version 4.2.5.
  3. First version of forumtools is here

  4. Link to the forum added to the front page

    Just for record. Still waiting for bots...
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  5. Registration on this forum is open now!

    So, we need some spam-bots to register here, to increase the number of registered members. It will help the forum to look like it's an often visited website with a lot of members. We will not let hem to spam, but we will let them to register. Because all modern spam-bot can easily go through the vBulletin captcha, we will use just it. For the prodction site you have to use questions of course, not a captcha.

    Anyway we need more members, so let spam-bot to do some work for us.
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