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Thread: This is a first thread in the Forum Tools

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    This is a first thread in the Forum Tools

    We need to start, let's begin!

    Here is the place were you can find tools, needed to promote your forum. Although there is no ideal forum software in the market we have to work with something if we need to gather community. Many of webmasters actually have no choice at all. Once they've choosen the forum software and installed it on thier servers ages ago and after that hundreds of mods on it, they simply can't move to another platform without breraking existing forum.

    This is the reason we've opened Forum Tools!

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    In the first thread should be a first reply. This is a must!

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    Let's have some fun, boys!

    Two aerials meet on a roof - fall in love and get married. The ceremony was rubbish - but the reception was brilliant.
    The English people are so humorists, as the quote above is in a top 50 English jokes. Not every one in the World will understand and smile, but nevertheless we are happy:

    we've opened Forum Tools!
    And it's up and running!

    - Again, I want go to Paris!
    - Have you ever been there?
    - No, but I want go there again!

    As for me, I'm happy in Moscow and wish you the same!
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