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Thread: Why this software, but not the another?

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    Lightbulb Why this software, but not the another?

    We are not vBulletin fanatics and we know, that this software is not ideal and has a lot of bugs, which maybe will never fixed. But historically, years ago, vBulletin was one of the best forum software and many online communities used it. And we too. Let's see the stats of vBulletin versions in use:

    Version 4 - 57.8%
    Version 3 - 42.1%
    Version 5 - 0.1%

    People vote for better things. As for me, I don't like version 5 and looking at the above percentage you can see, that I'm not alone. My opinion is that version 3 was the best, but in 2017 it's too old and doesn't have many modern options, which are avialable in version 4. This is the reason we are on it.

    Because this version is not in active development we have no choice as only to make our own tools which will do what we need. And now we have them and some of them are ready to be presented to the public.
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    And one more thing about 4: because it is not activly developing, it has less chances to get more bugs and vulnerabilities. This is what we all care about. We don't like new security fix every week, avialable for paid subscribers only.

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    I think the number of websites using version 4 will grow, because people will migrate to it from version 3, as it's very old.

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    Exclamation Statistic's update

    The make of vBulletin confimed the following stats:

    About 4% of sites that are running vbulletin are using vB5, the rest are running vB4 & vB3 (split about 60 / 40).
    That mean:

    Version 5 - 4%
    Version 4 - 57.6%
    Version 3 - 38.4%

    I'm not sure about accuracy, but this looks truthfully. Again it confirm, that version 4 is the best for the time been, if we can use this word for such buggy software. What is 4%? It's nothing! And I believe they count in this amount those people who have paid for vB 5. For some reasons people can pay for next version, but will not install it. The same situation was with us. We purchased vB 4 long time ago because of promo price, but had installed them after a years.

    And of course people will migrate from 3 to 4 as it's very old and 4 has some useful option.

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