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Thread: Turn sleeping forum users into active users!

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    Lightbulb Turn sleeping forum users into active users!

    Every admin of online forum know very well: there are some sort of users, who never write anything, never read anything and even never come back. They just register in your forum and do nothing. We can call them "sleeping" users. Most of them of course are bots, but even humans sometimes uses this practice. The only reason they've registered at your forum is ability to put a backlink from their profiles to their websites. Some of them put a link immediately, more smarter will put a link few days later. Anyway all of them are completely useless for community and a headache for a forums admin.

    What to do? Same question had Nikolay Chernyshevsky in his novel. But we know we answer!

    Turn your sleeping members into active members! It's easy with one of our forum tools. Look at our forum at any time, all time around a clock, somebody is here. The price for this tool for the time been is $19. You don't need to modify any part of vBulletin files. Register here and ask me how to get this tool!

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    This will definitely help your business and save you time and money!

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