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How to make Forumtools.Ru your home page

Make Forumtools.Ru your home server! You will then be able to start browsing the Internet from our portal. When you start your browser, Forumtools.Ru will open and you will have quick access to the latest news and other useful information.

To set Forumtools.Ru as your home page click "Yes" in the pop up window. The browser has to have scripts enabled (Javascript). The home page settings can later be modified at any time.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox 1.x, 2.x:

  1. In the "Tools" menu, select "Options".
  2. In the "General" tab, type in http://www.Forumtools.Ru in the field Home page.
  3. Click "Ok".

If you are using Opera 9.x:

  1. In the "Tools" menu, select "Preferences".
  2. Select the "General" tab and type http://www.Forumtools.Ru in the field Home page and check 'Use address entered here'. Alternatively, click on 'Set current page as home page' if you're already on Forumtools.Ru
  3. Click "Ok".

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