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Put a link to your site in the ForumTools.Ru link collection! Link exchange is possible with any useful sites, and sites on the topic "Software" or similar subjects - special accommodation conditions.


  1. Select one of the text options for our link from the Link to our site page and copy it.
  2. Place a link to ForumTools.Ru on your site. The link must be installed on a page that has a static (unchanging) URL. The page should have no more than 2 external links.
  3. Fill in all the fields in the form below and send it.
  4. The proposed site will be checked by the editor and posted within 3 business days, you will receive an email notification.

We are for an honest exchange, so the availability of the reciprocal link is periodically checked by our editors, and if it is deleted, your link will also be removed without warning.

Метки: add link; link exchange